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Sydney is a 15 y.o Australian plastic pollution activist, public speaker and educator. She created the Sea Monkey Project - a social enterprise - with her Dad in 2015. The project is based in Malaysia and focused on Plastic Pollution Solutions and Education. She handles social media marketing side, as well as public speaking, creating educational content, and teaching it through many different mediums. She also creates educational contents in a form of videos, short clips, photo series, wildlife photography, slideshows, online classes, and public speeches. She has spent over half her life living and travelling on a sailboat with her family, seeing the world through a very different perspective. Starting from Brisbane, Australia until currently Malaysia, as our business requires us to be near. With her great passion for public speaking, she has spoken about plastic pollution to many amazing crowds. Including the Royal Geographic Society, Singapore American School, Malaysian Nature Society, Parley, American Express, and many more. She is a trained free-diver and have completed a certified university bridging course on marine biology, and marine life rescue.

Sydney Steenland

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