Welcome, YOUTHTOPIANs, to our Indigenous Storytelling Techniques Masterclass with Jannali! Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of a First Nation Man of Australia. Discover the richness of culture and languages through his exceptional storytelling skills. Join us to explore the profound connection between tradition and identity, as he shares personal experiences that bridge the past and present. This is a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of Indigenous storytelling, preserving cultural heritage and fostering understanding. Register now for an inspiring, enlightening experience that transcends time. Don't miss out on this chance to connect with Australia's indigenous roots and embrace the power of storytelling!

In this Masterclass, you will

  • Understand about the concept of conservation

  • Understand the threats to biodiversity

  • Understand conservation strategies and practice

  • Understand the future and implementation of conservation

Also included in this masterclass

  • Completion certificate

  • Lifetime access to content

  • Meet other changemakers

What You Can Expect

  • Unique experience from activists with invaluable tips

  • Applicable tips and tools on how to take action now

This Masterclass Is Presented By

Ardine is a 15-year-old student passionate about reading, music, and surfing. Leading the youth-driven YCI Bali, she's deeply involved in environmental initiatives like coral transplantation and bird monitoring. Since 7th grade, Ardine's advocacy began with speech competitions, sparking her awareness of environmental threats. Through social media and conversations, she actively promotes climate change awareness. In college, she aims to major in International Relations, driven by the belief that youth holds the key to shaping the world's future.

Theresia Ardine

Circle of Youth

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Introduction to YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass

  2. 02
    • Meet Ardine, Circle of Youth

    • EP 1: Introduction To Conservation

    • EP 2: Threats To Biodiversity

    • EP 3: Conservation Strategies

    • EP. 4: Conservation in Practice

    • EP. 5: Future of Conservation

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