Welcome to this Masterclass on Ocean Plastic Pollution with Melati & Isabel Wijsen. This YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass is created in collaboration with the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) of the World Economic Forum. GPAP is a unique group of leaders who are fast-tracking solutions to the most pressing challenge facing the Ocean — plastic pollution –harnessing the convening power of the World Economic Forum to bring together governments, businesses and civil society to translate commitments into meaningful action at both the global and national levels. The Circle of Youth members hosting this masterclass are sisters, Melati & Isabel Wijsen. They were 10 & 12 years old when they first started their journey against single use plastic and will take you through this learning experience covering topics like the circular economy, negative impacts of plastic on the ocean, and how you can take action now. Take this YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass and learn first hand through their experiences and the information gathered by those part of GPAP on how you can become an advocate for the oceans too.

In this Masterclass, you will

  • Learn about plastic and plastic pollution in our oceans

  • Analyze the challenges and the opportunities

  • Understand the complexity of Ocean Plastic Pollution

  • Be offered solutions on how to act on ocean debris mitigation

  • Get inspired to get involved and contribute to the reduction of Ocean Plastic pollution

Also included in this Masterclass

  • Completion certificate

  • Lifetime access to content

  • Meet other changemakers

What You Can Expect

  • Unique experience from activists with examples of how you can get involved to reduce plastic pollution

  • Knowledge and understanding of plastic pollution in general

  • Get informed about what you can do by great links, connections & listings

  • Make a start with behaviour change, a la YOUTHTOPIA style

This Masterclass Is Presented By

Melati is a 22 year old full time changemaker and movement builder. She founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags at the age of 12, since then, Melati has spoken on world stages such as TED and the UN, she recently co-chaired the World Economic Forum GPAP committee, sat on the inaugural Expert Advisory Panel for the Earthshot Prize, and has had her film, Bigger Than Us, premiere at the 74th Cannes Film Festival 2021. Today, Melati launched her new company, YOUTHTOPIA, focusing on youth empowerment through short, meaningful peer to peer programs and providing them the tools they need to be changemakers. Her vision is to make YOUTHTOPIA the go to platform for young changemakers.

Melati Wijsen


This Masterclass Is Presented By

Isabel Wijsen is a 19 year old Dutch-Indonesian activist, she is currently a senior at Green School, Bali. Isabel is the founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, which she co-founded in 2013, then age 10, with her older sister Melati, then 12. As of June 23 2019, the official ban of plastic bags, straws and styrofoam has been enforced by the Balinese government which is not only but also thanks to Bye Bye Plastic Bags; campaigning for the past six years. This campaign of saying no to plastic bags ultimately led to the first Indonesian province to make the ban. Bye Bye Plastic Bags is by now a youth driven NGO with 50+ global team in more than 40 countries.

Isabel Wijsen

Circle of Youth

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Introduction to YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass

  2. 02
    • Meet Melati & Isabel, Circle of Youth

    • The ocean & plastic pollution

    • All you need to know about plastics

    • How big is the problem?

    • Plastic pollution in the ocean

    • Other pollution in the ocean

    • Can we turn the tide?

    • Alternatives and circular economy for plastic

    • Who is saving the ocean from plastic pollutions

    • What can you do?

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