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Inés Yábar is a sustainability activist. She is one of the founders of Ensemble pour TECHO, an organisation seeking to eradicate poverty in South America and co-leads L.O.O.P., a Peruvian social impact company conserving the marine ecosystem. She has also helped young innovators advance their projects with social and environmental impact through makesense. In 2019 she was a part of the Peruvian delegation at COP25 following negotiations on deforestation. Inés combines her research, volunteering and job to continue learning, sharing and acting towards a more sustainable future. She is currently the Senior Global Campaigns Coordinator for Restless Development helping young people achieve a more just and sustainable world. Hungry for change and action Inés has also recently started a podcast called Mullu, generating conversations around the global goals. The podcast also includes Quechua, a local Peruvian language, to reach a wider and more diverse audience with the message of sustainability.

Inés Yábar

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