Welcome to this Masterclass on Impactful Filmmaking with Gary Bencheghib. The first time Gary picked up a camera was when he was 19 years old, little did he know that he had found his passion and one of the greatest tools for storytelling. Since starting his media organization, Make A Change World, Gary has captured the stories of over 300 individuals through the camera lens generating +600 million views on his platform. Take this YOUTHTOPIA masterclass and learn first hand through Gary’s experiences how you can capture a story and make it as impactful as possible.

In this YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass, you will

  • Know the Importance of Filmmaking in Activism and some basic 101 of how filmmaking started

  • How to even get started with your story, from research to setting timelines and budgets

  • How to get you started with the camera and getting ready for your shoot

  • Learn everything you need to know about the power of editing

  • Distribute your film and what are the best platforms to release your video

  • And hopefully GOING VIRAL and gaining enough traction to actually implement change.

Also included in this masterclass

  • Completion certificate

  • Lifetime access to content

  • Meet other changemakers

What You Can Expect

  • Unique experience from activists with invaluable tips

  • Applicable tips and tools on how to take action now

This Masterclass Is Presented By

Gary Bencheghib is an environmental activist and filmmaker. He founded Make a Change World, a media outlet that uncovers uplifting and inspirational stories on a mission to do good. He is passionate about creating social change through videos and giving a voice to the underrepresented. With his younger brother Sam, he has launched a series of expeditions from kayaking the world’s dirtiest river on plastic bottles kayaks to standing up paddling down New York’s most toxic waterways. In the past 3 years, Gary’s work has been seen by +600 million people. At the World Economic Forum earlier this year, he soft launched @sungaiwatch a river monitoring platform to tell in real time what's inside our rivers. They build localised trash barriers and have a full collection scheme to give them more data as to what actually floats down our rivers. They believe that data allows us to understand the problem at the end and enable us to create change.

Gary Bencheghib

Circle of Youth

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Introduction to YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass

  2. 02
    • Meet Gary, Circle of Youth

    • The Importance of Filmmaking in Activism

    • How to Begin Your Story?

    • Let’s get the camera ready

    • The Power of Editing

    • Distribution of Your Story

    • How To Gain Traction

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