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Aishwarya Sridhar is an award winning wildlife photographer, storyteller and presenter. Through the use of creative mediums, Aishwarya is fighting to create a better planet for everyone. Her poems, short films and images, born of a passion for nature, have won numerous awards. At 15, Aishwarya was the youngest and first girl in India to win the Sanctuary Asia Young Naturalist Award. From educating local villages to fundraising for tiger conservation, Aishwarya has also spearheaded several Earth Day programs and tree-plantation initiatives across 40 schools, impacting over 200,000 students. Her short film urged the Bombay High Court to state the protection of wetlands for the preservation of livelihood of. She is also the recipient of the Princess Diana Award in 2019 for young changemakers. She is currently working for policy level impact for wetland protection and during the lockdown presented an 8-part children's series for WWF-India

Aishwarya Sridhar

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