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My name is Plorentina Dessy Elma Thyana, people call me Dessy and im a Dayak Simpang tribe from west Kalimantan, Borneo island, indonesia. Since i was kid, i often follow my parents working in the forest, join the cultural ceremonial and living in the Dayak traditional values. My love of my forest, culture, tradition and local wisdom bring me started a learning activities to teach about traditional medicine, stories, music and dance, traditional games, traditional food, ways of life, philosophy and cultural alues, and rituals performance. Not to forget the basic human survival to read and write. The movement is then legalized under the name SAKOLAH ADAT ARUS KUALAN (customary school Arus Kualan). I love dancing, especially the traditional Dayak dance.

Plorentina Dessy

Circle of Youth