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We are very proud to co - create this masterclass on Extreme Weather, combining the research of students with the style of learning from YOUTHTOPIA! HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is very pleased with the collaboration with YOUTHTOPIA, a platform that empowers young people about the SDGs in a very accessible and fun way. "For us as an educational institution, this provides a unique opportunity to challenge our students to convert the knowledge they have acquired into an accessible story for other young changemakers in the world. We are therefore happy to contribute to the creation of new master classes for Youthtopia and greatly appreciate the support and feedback that the enthusiastic Youthtopia team, led by Melati Wijsen, offers to our students." Together, we hope you enjoy this YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass!

In this YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass, you will

Are you ready to learn?

  • Gain knowledge about the climate crisis

  • Understand the impact of heatwaves, droughts, extreme rain fall and floods

  • Learn how it is connected to our health

  • And begin to understand what we can do about it!

Also included in this masterclass

  • Completion certificate

  • Lifetime access to content

  • Meet other changemakers

What You Can Expect

  • Unique experience from activists with invaluable tips

  • Applicable tips and tools on how to take action now

This Masterclass Is Presented By

Amber, Thijs, Inge and Dagmar, who carried this project of a YOUTHTOPIA masterclass as a final assignment for their minor program “Climate Crisis and Security Issues”. All four students are studying to become teachers themselves. Amber and Thijs took it upon them to host the masterclass. Both work a lot with children and think it is important to teach them more about the climate. After all, the children of today are our future.

Amber & Thijs


Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Introduction to YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass

  2. 02
    • Meet the Changemakers, an introduction to Extreme Weather

    • EP 1: Introduction to climate change and extreme weather

    • EP 2: Heatwaves

    • EP 3: Drought

    • EP 4: Extreme rain and floods

    • Ep 5: What can you do?

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