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Galuh Widdy, a dynamic young leader from Indonesia, channels her fervor for youth, health, and education into transformative initiatives. As a graduate of the Faculty of Public Health at the University of Indonesia, she blends her knowledge with passion, focusing on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). Galuh founded Bicara Proses (@bicaraproses), a mentorship platform aiding underprivileged youth in Indonesia. Additionally, her dedication extends globally through Before 25 (@beforeyouturn.25), enhancing youth self-development in Indonesia and Australia. Galuh's commitment culminates in Alir Air (@alir.air), a platform leveraging science and technology to elevate public health and sustainable living through WASH improvements. Her impactful endeavors include supporting COVID-19 prevention in high-risk Indonesian communities, earning her recognition from esteemed institutions like Harvard University and the International Water Association.

Galuh Windy

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