The workshop will take place on Thursday, 27th April 2023 at 6 pm SGT.

In this Workshop, you will

  • Learn about the link between climate change and the modern slavery

  • Learn how youth can contribute

Also included in this Workshops

  • 1 Hour Live & Interaction Workshop Online

  • Learner Kit

  • Certificate Available

This Workshop Is Presented By

Ishaan Shah is an 18-year-old, international award-winning human rights advocate, speaker, and writer. In 2017, he founded Stolen Dreams UK, an organisation that engages with stakeholders (governments, private sectors, civil society and youth) internationally to drive action around addressing contemporary forms of exploitation (modern slavery) and human trafficking. He has worked with the UN, Youth 7 (G7) and is a UN Women National Gender Youth Activist and TEDx speaker. Ishaan is articulating the urgent need to combat contemporary forms of exploitation, representing youth voices and the movement at high-level dialogues, events and forums. Ishaan spends much of his time with organisations, policymakers, experts, academics, writers and educators - he is learning from the best minds in the world on these issues. Since 2016, he has travelled deep into the movement against contemporary forms of exploitation, always learning at speed and recognising intersectionalities. Ishaan primarily works to raise awareness and mobilise stakeholders to take comprehensive, concrete and effective actions against contemporary forms of exploitation.

Ishaan Shah

Circle of Youth

Course curriculum

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    • Hi, Welcome to YOUTHTOPIA Workshop!

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    • Join the workshop on 27th April at 6 pm SGT here!